The Poetry of Jason Brown


Maximum isolation
a new normal with no cancelation?
We are picking from a self-destructive menu.
Our governments are lacking there is nothing that they can do.
Looking from the outer not speaking from the inner. 
Now we are both blindfolded plus we’re dinner. 
So much road rage without the road. 
I am heating up without the stove.
Why does COVID -19 sound like a cold?
Does it mean the world is about to blow? 
The lockdown only shows that everything is about to go. 
I am a scarecrow without the crow. 
Celebrities are hurting too 
they are stars without the glow. 
Not many chances for me to cope.
Their lies are slippery like da soap.
The prisoners believed that they had a constitutional right
Covid-19 showed that was just a joke.
I am an advocate standing tall fighting without the ropes. 

Forever Chains

Pain located in a teardrop
In a place forever chained
Likelihood never changed
Just rearranged for competition
Decorated body bags for the runner ups
You should’ve known better
When the welcome mats read: cover upWhite walls streaked of red
How they look at your past is how
You look at that past: daily departed
Inmates turned victims in one blink
Not one sink
Down the drain they go
Forgotten souls
Never gets old
It looks new
With no public view
The darker side revealed
Through the guards chuckle
Slit eyes bruised knuckles
Some plans never play out
I’m going to stop speaking out
Because they demand a confined mouth
So how much longer
In these forever chains
Chained forever

Strong Feelings of the Bone

I find the poetic justice in the minds of many
Nothing that’s watered down rain drops
It’s more of a magnetic force that even has the power
To touch an animal’s heart
I’m living a life of thanksgiving
For every breath taken
Every move shaken
A brilliance wonder of minimal thunder
My voice becomes strong as lion’s
But sound as thumper
To cool the raging fires that set a blaze
I must fight instead of whimper in this broken cage
Every word needed and meant
Others sit around with a full deck to vent
I would treat this message, spoken in less words
From images that took the right turn
I grasp jointly cuz a force is never taken lightly
A fierce battle in a world of deceitful tongues
Locked downs where only the poor will plunge
A world full of emotion is very potent and distant
Suicides on the rise from people in and out
So many pass but a narrow route
If you don’t understand in, then you’re out

Doesn’t the Truth Hurt

The COVID-19 numbers will never add up
Does that truth hurt?
Or the truth that you never put god first
So many truths
That the truth hurts
So is it ordinary to believe a lie first?
Extraordinary to pass the lie worse?
Wouldn’t the world spin better if led by the truth?
Breaking news: Lies makes more dividends
Promote fair, and become rich again
So many truths that the truth hurts
The almighty tongue has won every battle
With lies spewing, no room to duck
Cuz there’s no such thing
As my ears closing up
Whose influencing the tree to grow?
The world is.
So who’s influencing you to lie?
The world is.
So many truths that the truth hurts
God is the only truth
And that truth should never hurt.

Many Can’t Breathe

Covid-19 broke the hearts of many
Many can’t lead, many can’t breathe
Lockdowns pose a threat to society
Many can’t lead, many can’t breathe
Parents lost focus to eviction notice
Many can’t lead, many can’t breathe
Massive incarceration for the blacks and browns
They say the courts are open but they’re locked down
Many can’t breathe, many can’t leave
Separation cells isolation hell disorderly orders
Mistrust and mistreated the abuse they deleted
War on the people they’re closely defeated
George Floyd looking down from the heavens
Many can’t breathe, many can’t succeed