Thank you so much for your interest in supporting CHIP!  
You can donate to us via PayPal, Venmo (@CHIP-Hotline), or our GoFundMe and you can support us by buying merch.
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How Your Donation Helps

We are a strictly volunteer run organization – no one is paid for the work they do here. As such, your donation will go straight to the cause. Specifically, it will be used for

  • Paying for the calls we receive from jails, which cost between $7 and $16 each
  • Paying for hotline software ($60 a month)
  • Printing and stamps for mailings
  • Other miscellaneous costs like paying for this website

The money we have raised through our GoFundMe already has been extremely helpful – however, we have exhausted almost all of it already.

We Are So Grateful For The Support!

Besides donations to our GoFundMe, we are fortunate and greatly appreciative to have received small grants from Ruckus, The Emergent Fund , #YouAreEssential, and IWOC.  A big thank you from CHIP to these important organizations, and to all the contributors to our GoFundMe!

Donate Now

The more help we get the better.  Your donation will ensure that CHIP stays up and running, and can focus on expanding rather than staying afloat. Together, we will continue fighting for better treatment for incarcerated people now, and for abolition in the near future!