CHIP’s loyal mascot says “No more prisons!”

Our Origins: The COVID-19 Hotline for Incarcerated People was started on April 5, 2020 in South Florida. On that day, a group of South Florida abolitionists were doing a noise demo in solidarity with prisoners, and in solidarity with the Incarcerated Workers’ Organizing Committee’s nationwide efforts to establish jail hotlines, we decided to share a phone number with people inside. From that moment, organizers began to receive calls as the number was shared inside South Florida jails.

Our Mission: We accept calls from people in South Florida jails to ensure they have access to information and support during this pandemic. We advocate for our callers, and hold correctional institutions and criminal justice actors accountable. We educate the public about the dismal and inhumane conditions in jails, not only in South Florida, not only during the current pandemic, but everywhere, all the time. Our long-term goal is prison abolition.

Please see our FAQ for more details, and our Media page for some examples of our work.