Bending Bars : Original Album

The Community Hotline for Incarcerated People is seeking collaborators to help us produce an original album of music written by people incarcerated in Broward County Jails. We want to connect with rad producers, musicians, beat makers, and any one else who sees their cultural work as part of creating a world without prisons. We need YOU to put music behind the artists’ vocals and help bring their tracks to life. 

The album will celebrate the artistry of incarcerated folks, amplify their voices, and connect communities as we build power to decarcerate Broward County. Broward County is one of the worst jail systems in the country, with over a quarter of a century of ACLU litigation over the jail’s unconstitutional conditions. In this environment, hip hop has been a key way for incarcerated folks to use their time meaningfully, build community on the inside, and express themselves. Right now, folks in the jails (almost all of whom are awaiting trial) are on lockdown 18 hours a day. Writing is a major lifeline for them. Executive Producer Gary Field describes Broward County jails as an unintended “incubator” for hip hop talent.

Outside collaborators can be involved in a wide range of ways, so we want to hear from you about what you can bring to this project! Interested in learning more? Contact us.