Tearing Down the Walls: CHIP’s Podcast

Episode 4 – In this episode we will cover local abolitionist news and action items over the last year and explore Britany Edmonson’s journey surviving COVID-19 and consistent medical neglect in Broward’s Paul Rein Detention Facility last year. This time in our segment “Why Abolition”, we will continue to explore the false pillars on which the Prison Industrial Complex stands. And to conclude our show, we will hear work from incarcerated artist Travis Hall, who was just recently released. To read BSO’s Closeout Memo about the murder of Kevin Desir, click here.

Episode 3In this episode we will cover news and action items since our last podcast, do a dive into mental health and incarceration from currently incarcerated individuals in Broward, cover the murder of Kevin Desir at the hands of BSO, and hear from Alexis, avid volunteer of CHIP. Featured incarcerated artists include Jason Brown, Adesh Persaud and Stevens Jean in his own words.

Episode 2 In this episode: current updates and calls to action, interview with Wendy King about immigrant detention, and Miles Megaciph‘s performance of a poem by Stevens Jean.

Episode 1In our first episode, hear updates on conditions inside Broward county jails, hear insights from a CHIP (COVID-19 Hotline for Incarcerated People) volunteer who was arrested locally in Palm Beach county while standing up for racial justice, and hear poetry written by people currently incarcerated.

Read more of Stevens Jean’s poetry

Tearing Down the Walls: Episode 4

Tearing Down the Walls: Episode 3

Tearing Down the Walls: Episode 2

Tearing Down the Walls: Episode 1